Pittsburgh Taco Truck

Living in the suburbs, I can’t say we have a lot of food trucks out here, but that’s all changing thanks to Pittsburgh Taco Truck! His truck and inspiration have fueled so many ‘food truck roundups’ at local establishments like Coffee Buddah, local libraries and public events. I can’t wait eventually get to them all!

I finally had the pleasure of trying tacos from the Pittsburgh Taco Truck, and they were more than I could have imagined. The grilled corn tortillas support the tasty weight of these mighty tacos.

Spicy jerk chicken w/ avocado cream

Ever since I saw this on his menu, it’s been haunting me – I love Avocado. This voice kept saying “avocado cream, avocado cream – get it, now today, tomorrow.” Your life is not complete until you have had the Spicy Jerk Chicken with Avocado Cream. The chicken had a real nice smokey/spicy kick, good enough for any spicy food person or one a bit scared by the word ‘spicy.’ The avocado cream paired well against this spice, I could have easily just eaten the chicken and cream by itself!

1/3lb Angus ground beef w/ cheddar and fresh salsa

The fresh salsa was perfectly flavored and super fresh tasting. It was my favorite part, can I get just this wrapped in a taco? The ground beef was cooked and seasoned well, thumbs up!

Go follow Pittsburgh Taco Truck for times and menus. Do not miss out on these awesome tacos!

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