When we first moved into our house about three years ago I confidently said, “Laundry room makeover would be last.” Then the round, flourescent light stopped working literally the day we moved in, maybe we missed it in the final walkthrough? (Don’t mention home improvement stuff around old stuff in the house.) So we picked up a standard, $12 flat to the ceiling light fixture from Lowe’s and decided to be done with it. (And live with the mis-matched ceiling color because the new light was smaller than the old light….hrrrmph!)

Using Up Leftovers

I did not have a budget in mind for the laundry room makeover, because I’ve acquired quite a few leftovers from various room re-do’s around here. (It just made sense in the long run to buy a contractor’s box of outlets and covers when I started redoing certain rooms.) Electrical outlets and covers, wall primer (multi-purpose – for painting over drywall, and wall primer), wall paints (Retiring Blue by Sherwin Williams) and curtain rod holders.


I can’t complain that much because, the room was pretty functional with lots of storage. I didn’t get lots of before pictures since this has been a long, lazy work in progress. Just above the door, is the laundry chute and anytime we’d throw stuff down it’d get caught on something or land in the mop bucket if we were lucky! The cabinet knobs are too high for me to reach comfortably without stepping up onto the tile ledge, and the one set of cabinets didn’t even have any knobs.

Laundry Room Before Holes in the Wall from Old Wall Organizers and bad paint job Laundry Room - Before / Long scary nails of death Laundry Room Before: More holes from ironing organizer


Next series of photos looks like an ad for Sherwin Williams products, but let me assure you – we bought all this paint ourselves! The right paint, and the right prep work is totally worth it! Tip: I try to plan all my painting projects near their 30% and 40% of sales. You can even find a $10 of $50 or more purchase on their store locator. I absolutely adore the Harmony line of products. There is next to no smell and Zero VOCs, which is great for even the busiest areas of the house.

Middle Stuff

Remove scary nails from door as best as possible. I couldn’t pry them out, so I bent them as flush and sunk them into a door a bit.

The walls in this room were a flat, neutral (boring), dirty, beige color – like every other unpainted room in this house.

Wash your walls, and PRIME YOUR WALLS. Trust me, just do it. The right primer will do wonders to prepare your walls to accept the new paint. If tinted primer is an option do it, it’s worth it to get the true color. With primer, a majority of your painting is done and each subsequent coat takes less and less time and paint.

Canvas drop cloths, are a really great investment. We bought three when moved into our first home and they’ve been with us for every paint and staining project. (I wonder if stores can color match my drop cloths…) The drop cloths do a great job of catching the splatters and give you a few extra seconds when you notice a bigger spill.

Old box to put paint tray in. A few projects ago we happened to find the perfect size box that held the metal paint tray. With the tray and liner inside, the box lip was just the right size for the roller. (We can not get rid of this box – EVER!)

Yes, I use painter’s tape. I want even lines and protected surfaces, even if it’s not always a perfect art. Pull the tape off while the paint is still wet, or wait months until the tape is really dry. (Go for wet paint/tape removal.) Tape is usually on sale at Sherwin Williams, for less money at the other stores.

Some people use a painter’s cap, I use a shower cap. It’s far from fashionable, but it keeps the paint or drywall dust out of my hair!

Items Used:

Real Laundry Room: Tape and Cover Real Laundry Room: Prime/Prep/Paint the ceiling Real Laundry Room: Prime Real Laundry Room: Prime/Prep/Paint the walls


With the tape down, outlets replaced, and Command Wire Hooks installed I’m done! I love the wall color in here. It looks great in bright light here, or in lower light. I’ll have some tips in another post on how to make your laundry room a bit more functional (pretty applicable to any other room too!)

Wall Color: Harmony paint, Sherwin Williams Retiring Blue (SW 6763)

Total Spent: $30 (for hooks, conduit, hardware)

After: Real Laundry Room

I am still debating on a wall border around the laundry tub. Home Depot had some pretty cool peel and stick backsplashes I’m still considering. (That could be dangerous, I might want it in the kitchen!)

After: Real Laundry Room

Need a prettier option for recycling and shreddables. I know it’s just a laundry room, but it matters! Ideally either a tall container like a trashcan cabinet, or a can with a removable insert. What would you do?

After: Real Laundry Room

If you’re looking for more home improvement/DIY blogs, check out my sister-in-law’s site “Werling Around.” Pretty sure she got her laundry room back together in less time than it took for me to! (And she just had a baby!)

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